Shallow thoughts with AOC

Mar 2019
AOC ties denying DC statehood to racism

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


DC was the 1st territory in the United States to free the enslaved.

It’s where Black Americans fled the tyranny of slavery & towards greater freedom, to DC. Yet today it’s where 2nd class citizenship reigns, and the right to vote is denied.

It’s time to recognize DC statehood. …
Fenit Nirappil

Replying to @FenitN
[email protected] ties D.C. statehood to the legacy of slavery: "The people who fled here to the District of Columbia to flee slavery because of the enlightenment of this community are now disenfranchised because of that very act"


1:47 PM - Sep 19, 2019

Second class citizenship.

Wow, she really pulled that one out of her backside.