Sharpton: Obama critics backed Clinton in 2008


Former Staff
Jan 2010
It's either a true statement, or it's not.

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As Sharpton announced plans Wednesday for the Oct. 15 March for Jobs and Justice, he was asked whether there is a double standard in failing to hold Obama accountable for joblessness among blacks. The leader of the Congressional Black Caucus, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., has said there is and that had President Bill Clinton failed to do the same, black leaders would have marched on the White House.

The double standard, Sharpton said, is that most black politicians who publicly criticize Obama did not initially back his 2008 presidential bid — they supported Hillary Clinton, who is now secretary of state.

"We did march when (Bill) Clinton was president. I led the march on racial profiling. They weren't in the march, so maybe the reason they didn't think nobody marched on Clinton was because they missed it," Sharpton said.

He is not talking about all blacks, he is talking about black politicians who are criticizing Pres Obama. You'd have to go and check, find out which members of Congress are publicly criticizing Obama, find out if they're black, then find out if they publicly supported a candidate during the 2008 nomination race.

I'd wager a guess that he's right. He knows most members of Congress by name and sight, he was active during the '08 nomination race, and he probably remembers who supported who. I don't have all that knowledge/memory, and no one has offered proof that his statement is not correct, so I'm inclined to believe it's likely accurate.