Sherrod Brown Ad

Apr 2012
Green Dream, or Green New Deal, or whatever it's called...

Upgrade or rebuild every building in the country in 10 years. (Really?)

If I put new weatherstripping around my back door, does that count as an "upgrade"?

Eliminate all air travel in the US except international.

Expand electric car manufacturing.

Does she know that electric cars are powered by fossil fuels?

Eliminate cows and most meat production.

This young lady is FULL of new ideas!

And, maybe other stuff, too...
On the upgrade, yes. I put in mew doors, windows. Anything that keeps from wasting energy is upgrading.

But her ideas are not good. Still ll, it is a start. Personally, if I were her co-horts I would tell her to calm down, learn her job first. She is only one of 435, not really that important, as she will soon find out starting now. Pelosi did not put her on the panel!

You would think she would be smart enough to realize you do not go against the most popular Leader in Congress right now.
Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Two friends of mine went to see Sherrod Brown this weekend here in NH. He did very well and they were impressed.

Many New Englanders thought Brown being a Buckeye added to his blue-collar bona fides. When asked why they liked Brown, they described him as "genuine." When pressed why he was genuine, several mentioned him being from Ohio. Based on those who came out to see Brown in New Hampshire, it would appear the nation may be ready for a ninth Ohio president. That affability seemed to embody the Midwest for New Englanders - and what they want in a presidential candidate.

The Democratic nominee should be from Middle America, said Dr. Dick Seymour. Seymour, a psychologist, who made the 90-mile trek from his home in Brunswick, Maine to Hampton, New Hampshire to see Brown.

"I think that's a pretty important part this next election," Seymour said. "There are a lot of voters there. He comes from there. It's not that much different from Maine. Small towns. No huge cities."

In New Hampshire, Sen. Sherrod Brown revels in the Ohio mystique. Could it help him get the Democratic nomination?