Sherrod Brown

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Yes he could but can he win a primary? I think if we see Beto, Castro, Gabbard or Harris jump in, its going to be hard for the over 60 candidates to make any headway. They are all so energetic and young its going to attract the primary voters away from the older ones.
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Jun 2007
If Trump, a far from middle class man could convince people he wouldhep them, why not a ma whose life History in Ohio, the midwest not be able to convinc people he really is one of them?

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown is moving to Cleveland from suburban Avon

Why I Came Home to Cleveland
I only had to read the second article, but I enjoyed it, thanks for posting it.

I could list several reasons why to me Brown is the perfect candidate, but I have STD right now.

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