Shocked Liberal Reporter: Charities--We Libs Are Cheap, Conservatives-Generous



Nicholas D. Kristof writing in the New York Times cites the research from WHO REALLY CARES by author Arthur C. Brooks, who like Kristoff, believed before doing the research, that because liberals are so generous with other people's money, as long as the government is using taxpayers funds for liberal causes, that the research would support "liberal compassion."

What it showed instead was the hypocrisy of the liberal movement and how much truth there is to the not so facetious definition of a liberal "One who will give the shirt off of someone else's back."

Kristoff goes on to cite research from GOOGLE which shows the comparison of giving by conservative households, compared to liberal households, to be even more lopsided than the research of Arthur Brooks, who incidentally reports that he grew up in a very liberal household and suggests he has always accepted the liberal way of thinking.

Kristof refers to other research, backing up these claims and also dispels the typical, liberal, shoot from the hip type response, that most of the conservative giving goes to building elaborate churches.

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