Should Mueller testify to Congress.... in open session..... to answer questions about his investigation?

Should Mueller testify to Congress. to answer questions about his investigation?

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Jun 2013
Maybe there is no way to escape petty politics anymore??

That would be truly sad and would end the USA truly being the USA anymore.
Money is the problem and legalized bribery....campaign contributions.....ensures that the people have little voice in their governance.
As long as Americans continue to embrace greed and cronyism, nothing will change. They will simply continue to vote for the corruption and cronyism that works in their favor, while hypocritically blaming their opposition for the crimes and unethical things they let their own people, get away with. It seems we have not yet learned why the thousands of years of human existence before us has pretty much universally determine that greed and gluttony are major causes for societal failures over the long haul and why religions in principle, if not practice, have condemned greed and gluttony, among other things, as "sinful".

Too many Americans have demonstrated in recent decades, they don't want good or honorable governance or a good or honorable society for all Americans, but governance and a society that works for their personal advantage, regardless of who gets screwed (other than them and their cronies) in the trade off.

This concern and observation of it, is not new to history or this nation, however, vigilance to prevent a slow slipping into what Benjamin Rush describes in the following in the year 1777, regardless of bicameral chambers of legislative bodies as a foil to the problem, has been our problem. The "Citizen's United" decision was perhaps the biggest blow to any efforts to prevent the undue influence of money into the integrity of this nations federal government, since its founding.

"In order to prove this assertion, I shall premise two propositions, which have never been controverted: First, where there is wealth, there will be power; and, secondly, the rich have always been an over-match for the poor in all contests for power."

"These truths being admitted, I desire to know what can prevent our single representation being filled, in the course of a few years, with a majority of rich men? Say not, the people will not choose such men to represent them. The influence of wealth at elections is irresistible. It has been seen and felt in Pennsylvania, and I am obliged in justice to my subject to say, that there are poor men among us as prepared to be influenced, as the rich are prepared to influence them. The fault must be laid in both cases upon human nature. The consequence of a majority of rich men getting into the legislature is plain. Their wealth will administer fuel to the love of arbitrary power that is common to all men. The present Assembly have furnished them with precedents for breaking the Constitution. Farewell now to annual elections! Public emergencies will sanctify the most daring measures. The clamours of their constituents will be silenced with offices, bribes or punishments. An aristocracy will be established, and Pennsylvania will be inhabited like most of the countries in Europe, with only two sorts of animals, tyrants and slaves."
Benjamin Rush, Observations on the Government of Pennsylvania - 1777
Selected Writings 57--64, 67--69
Bicameralism: Benjamin Rush, Observations on the Government of Pennsylvania

A part of the problem, as Rush points out, is not only those willing to use their wealth to unduly influence government, but those willing to take the bribes.

Who elects our representatives, but "we the people", thus if government is a swamp of people willing to take bribes from those outside of government, it would seem the problem is rooted in what is much deeper than government, but rooted in a society that contains people who are not only willing to use bribery to influence government, but people who will stand by and do nothing to prevent those who will do so. Until there is an attitude adjustment in our society that gets away from greed and dishonorable and corrupt ways of influencing government or anything, to gain an unfair advantage for those who have the wealth to spare, it is unlikely things will change and we're likely to sink further into the muck, especially when Americans elect a billionaire con artist who says (like all the rest) he's going to "drain the swamp" of monied influence in government, as if no one noticed his own wealth and how he has used it to influence government and officials and how he depends upon wealthy people to buy and use his products and properties.

What's really sad is how any "working class" person could see any sort of connection with Trump and his life history of con artistry and shameless greedy and gluttonous indulgence and using his money to influence and work around the systems that others are subject to, because they don't have the money to pay people off to look the other way or counter sue or threaten anyone who challenges what he does, with a counter suit that they cannot compete with, in terms of high priced attorneys. What's additionally or perhaps even more sad is how many Americans will stand by as our current president blatantly lies daily and because they think he's going to do something for them, won't challenge him on his lies and behavior. This, as they still attacked and continue to attack others they perceive to be Trump's opposition, for their alleged lies and behavior.

Do they seriously believe the rest of America and the world cannot see this?

In addition, a means to prevent foreign trolls from influencing our elections should be instituted. We have enough innovation and enough hackers in this nation who can turn their skills into paid jobs, identifying foreign posers and cutting off access to their propagandizing, no matter what political direction their propaganda and posing might work to support or detract from. I have no problems with non-Americans commenting, it's those who are not American who pose as Americans when they can be identified as posting from a foreign nation. There are also Americans who live and work in other nations, but they generally identify themselves as such. It is those who try to appear as though they are Americans and make it appear as though they are posting from inside America, that should be identified as posers.

Americans should be honorable enough to say foreigners posing as Americans to influence our politics is wrong, even if they are or have been recipients of an advantage as a result of this sort of foreign propaganda influence. Americans should unite and say division is hurting our nation and making us more vulnerable to those who would like to see us fail or any positive and welcome influences America has on the world are diminished so they can work influences that might be harmful. Our differences in how to solve any problems should not divide us to the point of being dangerous and making our nation vulnerable to those who would wish it harm.
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Feb 2007
What questions are you referring to?
The too many kind. The one's that are leading. The one's that imply. The one's that got people "thunking" with their brains.

It either happened, or it didn't.

I'm being poetic more than demanding.
Nov 2015
I can't imagine why he shouldn't but please explain why if your answer is no.
No because the investigation was undertaken and delivered.

If you answered yes, that means with just like the Presidency result, the Brexit result, the Scottish Independence result etc... you're just stamping your feeting because you didn't get the result you wanted.

And no doubt, the Dems will campaign and march to get a repeat investigation.
Nov 2016
Hey Devil, it is over. You can go talk it over with Fat Jerry and cry together. lol
Not at all. Mueller never was the only sheriff in town. Federal prosecutors in New York have active cases open examining Trump’s inauguration and campaign spending. State attorneys general are examining Trump’s business practices. The Democrat-led House has subpoena power and a long list of oversight demands. These investigators received information from Mueller, since Mueller was not empowered to investigate certain matters that he unearthed.

What just happened? The questions behind the Mueller report

A list of 17 known and still-ongoing investigations:

A Complete Guide to All 17 (Known) Trump and Russia Investigations


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Nov 2009
on the river
America has won a yuge victory. no sane American will ever believe a single allegation leveled by corrupt, scheming commie swine, or their aiders and abettors in the mainstream media.
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Nov 2016
No because the investigation was undertaken and delivered.

If you answered yes, that means with just like the Presidency result, the Brexit result, the Scottish Independence result etc... you're just stamping your feeting because you didn't get the result you wanted.

And no doubt, the Dems will campaign and march to get a repeat investigation.
The way trump clamored for yet another DOJ investigation of Hillary?

Report: Trump Wanted to Order DOJ to Prosecute Hillary Clinton, James Comey