Should the BNP be banned?

Should the BNP be banned?

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  • No

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Mar 2010
The BNP is opposed to everything that makes western society good. That said, one of the most important things that makes western society good is freedom of speech and freedom of association. If we ban the BNP, we become like the BNP. We cannot abandon our principles to defeat a movement, even one as distasteful as the BNP. Especially since the BNP is a minor fringe party with no legitimate hope of ever coming to power.


Former Staff
Feb 2010
Banning political speech is generally a bad idea. Better that your most heinous and hideous groups parade themselves in the open (rather than at night, with masks, as we do in the US).
Dec 2007
No, in the interest of freedom of speech they should not be banned

They SHOULD however be lampooned, ridiculed, raspberried, made fun of, caricatured, mocked, derided, parodied and generally treated with the contempt their anti-social views deserve
Feb 2010
I am against hate speech laws. Which is why I am glad the US actually values free speech. Because if you start declaring stuff hate speech and banning it by law then you open the for other things to be declared hate speech and banned. You basically give the government permission to ban any speech that speaks out against the government or military as hate speech. The best thing is not to give the government inch seeing how they will use that inch to try to take a mile.
Aug 2006
Absolutely not. We need to be able to see our fringe lunatics. Furthermore, they act as a good example of how a civilised and fair-minded people ought not to be. Let's hear more from them! :f_biggrin:
Sep 2005
They're pretty irrelevant in any case. Not much but hype...

They're not all wrong, you know. They might have a few correct stands as well....

Banning them is exactly the catalyst they would need to grow into something relevant......

Given enough time and no importance, they will remain isolated and untouchable.......

If only they had a different approach to put forward their points, they would have been heard and taken seriously......

if only...