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I'm 16 and white and German and French. I see the way the world works at only 16; example, 2 years ago there was a carnival in my town put on by the church at the church. Well, a mixed breed half black half white kid beat up a white girl there and raped her and took off RIGHT ON CHURCH GROUNDS. He went to jv for half a year then a few foster homes, now he's back in school like nothing happened. He isn't rehabilitated, NATURAL LAW BREAKER. THE LAW OVER LOOKS HIS CRIMES. I SEE THIS CRAP GOING on all the time. WHAT IF HE STRIKES AGAIN AND RAPES MORE PEOPLE? IF HE DOES IT ON CHURCH GROUNDS, WHAT WOULD BE THE BIG DEAL AT SCHOOL. This monkey is not tamed but the school doesn't care , IF I RAPED A GIRL, YOU THINK THEY WOULD LET ME BACK IN SCHOOL LIKE NOTHING. HELL NO, I'M WHITE AND MY PARENTS WORK, BUT SINCE HE'S A HALF BREED , WHO'S PARENTS ARE ON WELFARE AND ARE DRUG DEALERS; AND I ALWAYS SICK OF IT I OBEY THE LAW, WHY CANT THEY.


First, welcome to the board. I am afraid that your small view of the world is yet to be enlightened, and that the experience you refer to is more horrible than most of the world is.

The cold fact is that his race and skin color have nothing to do with his treatement. You wil find that most juviniles get the same treatment if they plea bargain, unfortunately. Part of his probation/parole requires him to get therapy and provide regular proof to the overseeing officer that he is attending until the THERAPIST thinks he is rehabillitated and truly remorseful for his actions. If he violates these rules, he gos to prison for a very long time. I guarantee you that he will not share that information with others. Nobody that age wants to be seen going to a shrink or having to comply with people in authrity. But whether he talks about it / shows it or not, he still has to do it.

Rest assured he is on a leash - a loose leash, but still a leash. Let us hope he does not pull on it.


Yo! Word up Aryan88! Welcome to the forum. Just a few reccomendations. First, you may want to change your name. I think you're already going to find it hard to converse. The people here are intelligent (Of course there's Nagol, who would get where you're coming from), not saying you failed math, just that they don't take kindly to HATE. Secondly, try and refrain from any derogatory spew about races, cultures, etc., there is a mixed bag of folks here. Diss the governmets or the political parties of the world all ya want Thirdly, this is a debate forum, yet things can get hairy and chops do get busted. I'm an admitted offender. Keep it kind, keep it funny, just keep it together and evryone will get along fine in the sandbox. ~Inky

Mark Carter

You can thank our darling Liberals for lying to Black People for over fourty years. That is why you witnessed this violence. Read my article the Diamond Industry. It shows you how Jews ripped of Black People in the United States and then blamed Black People's poverty on White People. That is why you witnessed such terrible violence between Whites and Blacks. Another BIG lie created by Jewish Liberals is that White People brought Black People to America as Slaves. Not True! There is a Black professor named Tony Martin that has studied slavery for years and he can prove that Dutch Jews were behind the slave trade. Jews invaded Professor Martins class and harrased him. That is why Jews in this country have never been caught or punished for all the evil things that they do because they simply frame White People for it all.
Back in the 1930s Jews were caught trying to create a race riot between whites and blacks during the Scotsborough trial held in the deep south. Nine Black men were accused of raping a white gril from the south. Then the white girl broke down on the witness stand and admitted that she was never raped! The Communists gave me money and told me to go along with the whole scam 'she declared'. The whole thing ended up in a mistrial where the judge told the people involved to take your Jew money and go back to New York City and leave us alone down here in the south.
See the Jews are Communists and they want to destroy the United States. One of their formulas for destroying this country was to create race riots between whites and blacks over stories which were never true. These Communist Jews opperate under the name 'Liberal' as cover.


Yea, whatever Mark Carter...
Aryan88, is this halfbreed a German Sheppard/ Chihuahua/ poodle mix?
No, wait, that would be 33.3breed. ~Inky


What a load. Sorry Mark Carter and Aryan, I don't buy that.
Let's look at facts and leave race the hell out of it.
What was the race of:
Jeffery Dahmer
John Wilkes Booth
Lee Harvey Oswald
Jack the Ripper
Ted Bundy
The Green River Killer
Eric Rudolph (who was caught no less than 40 miles from me!)
The Saudis of 9/11 -- go look it up, willya?
We can either proceed with the racists crap on this thread or there are two choices:
Understand that all people commit crimes, no matter what race they are.
Somebody starts again with this racist crap and this forum will be locked.
This is a DEBATE forum, racism DOES NOT belong here.
So, from here on out, this is all about people of all races committing crimes, and the impact of that.
To which I will comment, and we'll go from here.
Perhaps it may seem that this girl was violated in a place she should have NEVER been violated. That is my feeling, and because the law deals differently with young ones, this is why, I think, you are upset. I would be too. Not because of race or how the law runs, but because this poor little dear girl has to deal with an absolutely heartbreaking, soul-shattering rape.
That is horrible. The law reads one way, and we as people who hurt for her want those who hurt her to BE PUNISHED.
And PUNISHED good!!
See what I mean?
So, race has no bearing on this. It's all the laws and rights and all that.
Aryan, to be honest, your nickname bothers me a little. This planet is made up of all races, all nationalities, all religions, but your nic seems to have some historical difficulties for me.


Understand that all people commit crimes, no matter what race they are
Yes... and just because an event is HELD at a church, doesn't mean everyone will be saints :twisted:


Please ban this nazi 88 is the sign for heil Hitler
I would probably be inclined to agree with you, but then what about freedom of speech?
I've always said people have the right to "say" what they want, but NOT the right to "make" people listen.
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