Sleazy Democrat Party Sinking to New Lows to 'Harvest' Absentee Ballots

Sep 2013
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From your link:"

Contrary to the left’s claims that election fraud is a non-issue, there is substantial evidence that voter fraud not only is real, but affects the outcome of elections throughout the country. Indeed, The Heritage Foundation’s voter fraud database details 1,132 proven instances of fraud in 47 states and is regularly updated; the database shows irrefutably that voter fraud is a real issue worthy of mitigation.
The heritage foundation doesnt say what period of time their database covers.

From The Brennan Center for Justice's analysis of the Heritage Foundations database:
  • Among the examples in the Heritage document are a case from 1948 (when Harry S. Truman beat Thomas Dewey) and a case from 1972 (when Richard Nixon defeated George McGovern). Only 105 of its 749 cases came from within the past five years.
    [*]In reviewing billions of votes cast, the Heritage Foundation identified just 10 cases involving in-person impersonation fraud at the polls (fewer than the number of members on the president’s Commission).
    [*]The database includes only 41 cases involving non-citizens registering, voting, or attempting to vote over five decades, highlighting the absurdity of President Trump’s claim that millions of non-citizens voted in the 2016 election alone.
    [*]A vast majority of fraud “examples” cited by the Heritage Foundation would not be addressed by the voter suppression laws its staff supports, including “Election Integrity” Commission member Hans von Spakovsky, a senior legal fellow at Heritage. Von Spakovsky distributed copies of the database at the panel’s first meeting in July.
    [*]Many cases highlighted in the database show that existing laws and safeguards are already preventing voter fraud — the ineligible voters or individuals engaging in misconduct were discovered and prevented from casting a ballot.
I seriously doubt if 1,132 instances of voter fraud since 1947 spread over 47 states changed many election results.

But good try.
Feb 2010
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CA Dem Party Sinking To New Lows To ‘Harvest’ Absentee Ballots

Lulu is referring to California’s AB 1921, signed into law by Gov. Moonbeam Jerry Brown in September 2016 (again, emphasis added).
“A vote by mail voter who is unable to return the ballot may designate any person to return the ballot to the elections official from whom it came or to the precinct board at a polling place within the jurisdiction. The ballot must, however, be received by either the elections official from whom it came or the precinct board before the close of the polls on election day.”​
However, the concern wasn’t about ensuring people can vote. It’s about making sure that Dems can harvest those ballots legally to have more control over “turnout.” A watchdog group voiced concerns about how this would play out before the bill was ever passed:
AB 1921 would allow anybody to walk into an elections office and hand over truckloads of vote by mail envelopes with ballots inside, no questions asked, no verified records kept. It amounts to an open invitation to large-scale vote buying, voter coercion, “granny farming”, and automated forgery. AB 1921 solves no problem that a simple stamp can’t solve.​

CA Dem Party Sinking to New Lows To 'Harvest' Absentee Ballots
I don't see why this is an issue. On the envelope itself, the voter still has to sign his or her own name, and they have to write the name of the person to whom they are entrusting their ballot. The procedure is the same as always. Not sure how this contributes to "vote harvesting," whatever that is. Making it more convenient to vote is in everyone's interest.
Apr 2010
I don't see why this is an issue. On the envelope itself, the voter still has to sign his or her own name, and they have to write the name of the person to whom they are entrusting their ballot. The procedure is the same as always. Not sure how this contributes to "vote harvesting," whatever that is. Making it more convenient to vote is in everyone's interest.
I think they have made it pretty clear that the fewer people who vote, the better
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Apr 2011
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So you cannot prove one single vote was changed?
That is what it comes down or, and I really don't think he can.

Yeah, why am I'm not surprised by that when all you do here is repeat your lame troll comments over and over?
Have you ever read Orwell's Politics and the English Language? In propaganda and political speech, you "gum together prefabricated phrases." That is exactly what spyydrr is doing.
Apr 2015
And you get that from where?

Paper ballots are the most secure way to vote

Several similar reports have been issued lately, but this one is different. It not only carries a blue-ribbon pedigree from the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine, but it also suggests ways to address allegations of domestic voter fraud, which Republicans have leveled for years.

Use paper ballots to establish a backup record of each vote.
Even if voter databases and other equipment aren’t connected to the internet, experts said, it will be hard to protect computer systems from cyber threats. As a result, they recommend that by 2020, every voting machine nationwide should generate a backup paper record of each vote. Currently, five states — Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, Delaware and New Jersey — and portions of several others do not maintain a paper trail.

6 Ways to Fight Election Hacking and Voter Fraud, According to an Expert Panel
Humans marking paper ballots is the worst way to vote.
Dec 2014
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Almost all the RW posters on here lately have nothing more to offer than silly ad hominem attacks. It is rare to see an actual discussion of merit from them and while I recognise both sides are guilty of this, it has clearly become the primary feature of RW discussion on PH. I wish conservatives could grow up a little and actually engage subjects with more than just emotional garbage and infantile hate, for it demeans their political position.
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It's a sure bet that the Party of dead people votes, illegal votes, and multiple votes by the same person across state lines.
No party owns that stuff.

Democrats have no shame. They will lie, steal, cheat, do anything to win -- because of their lust for power and control over the rest of us.
I guess you haven't seen the efforts of the GOP to take power away from state offices won by Democrats in NC and Wisconsin. Or the courts cases involving gerrymandering where Republicans were open about their intentions to prevent Democrats (and even ethnic minorities) from getting proportionate representation. Or the simple fact that Democrats regularly win many fewer seats than their voting numbers would support, largely because of rules written by Republicans after the 2010 census.

I'm pretty sure you don't even understand what this law says or why it's supposedly bad (in the opinions of the people who feed you your opinions).