So if Hell is "isolation from God"....what's the difference between that and


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Dec 2013
a person who is an atheist alive on Earth?

Both have no contact or communication with God?
Well, I'm not religious, but the answer is that to the religious, atheists live in God's creation. So even if we don't acknowledge God, we don't live in isolation from God.

(I'll wait for someone who is religious to tell me how close I got to the correct answer.)
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By the wall
The way it was explained to me is that this world, as it is now, will no longer be here.

The believers will be in Heaven, or in futuristic terms, a place on Earth protected by God. (nobody actually knows what heaven and hell will really be like)

The non-believers will not be with him so if that's in some post apocalyptic earth or a literal translation of hell we can imagine it won't be a pleasant place.

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