So what great words of wisdom did you get from obamas state of the union address.


Former Staff
Aug 2012
Well, thus far, it appears the Libbies noted several very important things about Glorious Leaders Campaign Speech:

#1. Did you know one of the Robersons, from Duck Dynasty, was there????

#2. Did you see John Boehner? ("He wuz drunk...")

#3. What about that dumb woman who gave the Republican response? Dumb rightwingnut, but, not as dumb as the typical Republican......

#4. As for Obama's statement, there is at least one Left of Center poster who is quite excited over the idea that Glorious Organizer will "go around Congress....." (Although, I still find it rather odd, that a party who call themselves "Democrats" are soooo giddy over the concept of an Imperial President, who will rule by personal edict....)

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