So you want trump arrested, today. On what charges?

Nov 2006
So daily on this forum we see people claiming they want to see trump arrested. This begs a simply question. On what specific charges. Please link to the charge you think covers any crime he committed, and post your evidence to support such a charge.

Don't worry, noone is arresting your hero..................... yet.

Funny how Cohen implicates trump in all these shady dealings while the president publicly just claims he is a liar and people like you believe him. Are you forgetting that Cohen recorded his phone conversations and Mueller raided his place and has all his emails? Trump can deny all he wants but when Mueller decides it's time to implicate the president he is going to have so much nonconvertible evidence against the dumbshit that no court will be able to see past it. You might, you will probably claim it was all made up but the logical mind and no court will.

You can bet that whatever Cohen is admitting to is the truth because the prosecution would not be asking him questions that they didn't already have the corroborating evidence to back up. What happens when the same sort of question is asked of Trump under oath and he says Cohen was just lying and the prosecution dumps a dozen emails and/or phone conversations from the time in front of him?

All you hear is your president blabbering and you swallow it like it's the gospel. You can bet Mueller is sitting on a mountain of evidence that when it becomes public it will be obvious that your dear leader has been doing nothing but lying from day 1 of this investigation.
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Oct 2018
Simple question. what law, and what evidence. no need for all the derailing.
Are you not aware, the investigations is not over?
Have you notices Trump's name seems to be glaringly missing?
Do you think he'll come into the picture as the final act?

The longer it takes means they haven't stopped finding the dirt. We can wait.
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Nov 2006
So no laws thus far, just derailing. It's a good thing I don't use the report button. ;)

Anyway, The question stands, if you are one of the ones who are calling for trumps arrest, I would like for you to link to the law you think he's broken and provide evidence that backs up your assertion. thanks
I'm not calling for his arrest but tell us all, why would Cohen be cooperating if he did nothing wrong? What is he going to go to jail for? Why is Trump claiming he is a liar if nothing Cohen says sheds any bad light on the president? Cohen is not going to jail simply because he admitted to his dealings, he's going because he admitted to them and the prosecution has all the evidence they need to prove that what he is admitting to is the truth. That same evidence is all they need to prove your hero has been in it up to his neck since day 1. Every time the dumbshit says something I bet Mueller snickers to himself thinking that is bullshit and I can easily prove it, the day will come.

I'm not for impeachment, let the shithead finish his term and then try him. If Mueller can put away Flynn, Manafort, Cohen as well as others I'm relatively certain he can find enough to put Trump behind bars. With any luck a democratic president will refuse pardon and we can all see the dumbshits tweets from Levenworth (and you will still have his back).

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