Soccer player's father charged with assault after punching opposing team member

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Jul 2011

I was here, 5 yrs old or maybe a little older. I was hooked that day.
My gym teacher in my Moscow school was in this fight lol
He never even got to play, warmed the bench through the whole series, only time he went on the ice, was for the brawl. And later ended up retiring because of a leg injury later in his career, never became a star like Fetisov or Kasatonov or such. Instead, been teaching high school gym ever since... Funny, how life can sometimes work out...
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Jan 2014
Slap on the wrist. And he's a recruiter? Really?

Navy chief reportedly beat up kid at youth soccer game

Navy chief sentenced for beating up kid at youth soccer game

Chief Engineman Jordan Lee Grinnell, 38, was sentenced at the Virginia Beach Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court hearing to 12 months in jail, with the entire sentence suspended except for 60 days. He will be allowed to serve out the 60 days in jail over the course of 30 consecutive weekends, starting Oct. 19.
Additionally, Grinnell’s probation period includes a requirement of two years good behavior and is barred from any contact with the victim or his family, the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office said.
The chief assigned to Navy Recruiting District Richmond was arrested by Virginia Beach Police in June after charging into his son’s sand soccer match, knocking down Timothy Vickerie, 14, and pummeling the unsuspecting teenager’s face with his fists as Vickerie and his son jostled for the ball.
Mr. B,

Actually, that sounds like a pretty standard sentence for a first time offender with stable ties to community, especially since he pleaded "no contest."
Jul 2016
Why would you think this is any different than the liberals who threatened to punch the Covington boys? You know some of them in this group.
Been gone for a while. Which liberal beat the shit out of a Covington snotnose?