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Mar 2007
Cronyism, 'Wasteful' Spending Accusations Roil Government Publishing Office

According to an internal watchdog report obtained by NPR, two officials at the U.S. Government Publishing Office — previously known as the Government Printing Office — allegedly violated federal laws and regulations by filling agency jobs with unqualified candidates, including an official's son. The GPO's Office of Inspector General has not finalized its findings, but in June, it sent an interim report to the joint congressional committee that oversees the agency.
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Oct 2018

An internal watchdog report obtained by NPR

June 21, 2018
Interim Report Of Investigation Into Alleged Misconduct By Two Senior GPO Managers

A letter from the GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE (GPO) TO The US Congress Committee on Printing
Document Viewer : NPR

The Honorable Roy Blunt (R)
Chairman Joint Committee on Printing


The Honorable Rodney Davis (R)
Vice-Chairman Joint Committee on Printing

1. June 21, 2018 ???
2. From the Government Printing Office
3. To U.S Congress "Committee on Printing"
4. Letter states

Reference: GPO OIG Interim Report of Investigation; Misconduct by
Senior GPO Managers, June 21, 2018 {18-0011-1)
Letter June 2018 -
Acting Deputy Director Herbert H. Jackson, Jr.
"I believe it is my obligation to report directly to the Committee in the absence of a Director or
Deputy Director for this Agency. In response to numerous complaints received by the
Office of Inspector General (OIG), we are conducting an investigation"

(Page 7 of 49 it is signed)

Stephen T. Roy
Inspector General (Acting)

Critique (?)

Might be interesting if the investigation was complete...other wise, the whole presented situation is a little 'gossipy' with no ending

Maybe I should critique your attempt at humor?


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Mar 2007
It's a source document that anyone can review. It's more of a building block for an investigation, but the topic itself smells like old fashioned 60 minutes.

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