Some helpful links for the beginning of October

Jun 2011
Campaign Finances

Presidential campaign fundraising reports, published through the FEC can be found here.

Unofficial Senate campaigin fundraising resports, published through the FEC, can be found here.

Here is the search database for the FEC.



Links here and here.


Upcoming Primary elections:



Major polling sources:


Huffpo - Pollster (formerly

Here is the rss-feed for Huffpo - Pollster, only for polling results and no extra articles.

Huffpo provides excellent graphs to let you see polling data over a specified time-span and you can define the parameters some if you wish.

The HEDGEHOG REPORT. This is a Republican website, strongly partisan (some posters are very racist or bigoted), but the owner of the site does a very good job of getting polling data out there.

Here is the rss-feed for The HEDGEHOG REPORT.

Here is the KOS ELECTIONS site, formerly known as the SWING STATE PROJECT.

At the site itself, there is a lot of commentary. Is less helpful when you just want to get to the numbers.

Here is the rss-feed for the SWING STATE PROJECT.

Here is REAL CLEAR POLITICS. There is a balkan on the top with the word "polls". When you click on "polls" a number of subcategories appear that you can pick from.
Individual pollsters:

PPP (Public Policy Polling)

The rss-feed for PPP (D) polling.

Survey USA (SUSA).

The rss-feed for SUSA.

Rasmussen Reports. (The site now has a totally new look)
Rasmussen most recent polls.

The rss-feed for Rasmussen.

Quinnipiac polling.

The rss-feed for Quinnipiac.

Marist (Pebbles) Polling.
Note: for the GOP Primary season (and I assume, up to the election), Marist is teaming up with NBC to do joint polling and for this period of time, the polling will be called The NBC News/Marist Poll.

The Field Poll.

Field Poll, all poll listings (reverse chronological).

Field Poll updates email-mailing list. (NO rss feed available)

Selzer Co. (Iowa)
(no rss feeds, no direct reports at the website. Selzer has an outstanding reputation in the midwest)

Big 10 poll
(Midwest, Big 10 refers to the states in the Big 10 football championship league, polls usually 2 times per year)

Elway Poll
(specific to Washington State and the Northwest. No rss-feed)

Insider Advantage Polling (GA)

Pollsters with questionable reputations:

IBOPE/ZOGBY (online interactive)

Harris Polling (online interactive)

ARG (assailed from the left and the right)

WAA (We Ask America) - an extreme right wing pollster whose numbers are usually more than 8% off the margin.

Rainmaker (WV) - an extreme left wing pollster attached to a media firm who occaisionally does a fly by poll that is way off. They posted a poll in 2008 showing Obama ahead. It was way, way, way off.


Electoral statistics since 1791 - USELECTIONATLAS
(note: the color coding for Democratic Party vs. Republican Party is reversed at this website)
USELECTIONATLAS is the most comprehensive compendium of electoral numbers for our Union known on the web.

more links to come. Hope this helps.
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