Some People Did Something

Oct 2014
I had just done a google search and Snopes was the first hit. Strange they risk thier reputation to be part of a conspiracy.

As far as the “cat lady” and the “hooker replacement”, I am not part of the crowd that is fixated and fascinated on this woman so I am not familiar with thise references.
Lmao... Reputation... They pander to people who want a flashy red or green graphic so they know what to think. That's why they write conclusion first and some half assed justification later. They could give a shit about a reputation.

The best example was them taking soros money, they were like yes, we got money from soros but we work for snopes therefore false. They even showed them pictures...
Aug 2018
Too bad people weren't calling out this bullshit instead of trying to use it while it is expedient.

Instead they parrot these ideas as good, until the premise for the racism has past, then it is expected that people forget.
My only response is "so some people I don't know did some things" .

Which is apparently outrageous.
Oct 2014
Nuts to all the PC--Omar is probably in league with Al-Queda.
You should see the video where she talks about America with a scowl and smiles and lightens her tone while discussing alquaida.

Word is that only 4% of her fundraising comes from in state.
Jan 2016
True, but not everyone has the financial ability to travel, as enlightening as it may be. The internet is a valuable learning tool for those folks (for everyone, actually).
It's not an irrelevant dodge, it's an example of how this 'argument from authority fallacy' is being taken to ridiculous extremes in America today, by people like you.

The Argument from Authority Fallacy is a very real thing. If I were to say "The speed of light is a constant because Albert Einstein said so", that's an argument from authority. The claim that the speed of light is a constant needs to be backed up by much more robust evidence than that, even though Einstein was an authority on physics.

An even more obvious example would be if someone were to say that "Trade wars are good and easy to win, because President Trump said so", because Donald Trump is in NO way an authority on international trade.

But the Argument from Authority can be and is being taken to ridiculous extremes today. In an extreme form, it would lead you to reject all expert testimony in courtroom cases, because that is, after all, an 'appeal to authority'. Are you disputing this?

Taken to an extreme, it would lead you to reject the petition that was signed by 72 Nobel Laureate scientists in Physics, Chemistry, and Medicine/Physiology, and sent to the Supreme Court of the United States, when the SCOTUS was considering whether the teaching of 'scientific creationism' should be allowed in our public schools. In fact, I rather imagine that you would regard such a petition as utterly irrelevant, and a fine example of an 'Appeal to Authority'.

Taken to an extreme, it would lead you to reject, as utterly irrelevant, the petition signed by more than 8000 law professors, stating that they found that Brett Kavanaugh lacked the temperament necessary to be a SCOTUS justice.

And taken to an extreme, it would lead you to reject, as utterly irrelevant, the signed statement by more than 800 former federal prosecutors saying that in their judgment, Donald Trump committed felonies in office.

Taken to its most ridiculous extreme, the Argument from Authority Fallacy should lead us to simply close down our colleges and universities, since one of the major purposes for their existence is to create and produce the very experts and authorities that our society NEEDS to function and thrive.