SOME Rent Control Is Necessary

Nov 2015
Yes, I'm a Conservative, and lots of people would say I'm "far-right", but doggone it, SOME Rent Control IS Necessary. We're talking about HOUSING here. This is something people have to have. I live in an apartment complex, that recently was bought by a new landlord. That landlord has been increasing expired lease rents by as much as 60%. Imagine that your rent is $600/month and suddenly it's damn near $1,000/month.

Whoa! For low income seniors on Social Security and small pensions, this aint gonna fly. Actually, younger people still in the workforce with higher incomes, aren't taking too well to it either. Practically everybody in this complex is moving out. Some people are moving in and paying the higher rents, but not as many as are moving out. I've never seen so many moving vans in my life.

Next May, I will be moving out too, and still haven't figured out where to move to. I have limitations because of a low credit score and income, but I'll find someplace, even if it's not as good as where I am now.

All this is because Florida has no limit of what landlords can raise rents to. The only thing limiting them is new residents' capability to pay, and what they are able to rent apartments for.

But there is another side to this, This isn't oil or minerals mined from the ground. It's not furniture being made and sold. This is about PEOPLE. And it's about people who have been living in this complex for years, and these apartments are their HOMES. One woman who just moved out, had been living here for 25 years. Longtime neighbor-friendships are being obliterated.

If landlords NEED to raise rents, (say 10% or less) for some reason, that's understandable, but to raise them by HUNDREDS of dollars, just for GREED, is not what we ought to be OK with in this country. When hundreds of people are forced out of their homes, this is unacceptable. As is the case with most conservatives, I also favor deregulation of business, but this is one case that is screaming for MORE regulation, to a reasonable degree.
Rents should be capped as a percentage of house price or come up with a scale of bands and place the properties into those bandings.

Tricky business to work out what's both fair and workable.

Also, the mix of housing is never right as in, a certain size of property being available for a certain sized group of people.
Oct 2014
"There is, in fact, no such thing as a measure of value, because there is nothing possessed of the indispensable requisite, invariability of value." -- J.-B. Say, A Treatise of Political Economy
That was the other part I was hoping to avoid was an esoteric discussion on value.
Nov 2013
Well, yes... It's a tricky issue in that there are laws that vary significantly on where.

I was generally talking in the sense that if you are renting for say 1000$ / month, it's wrong to just arbitrarily increase to say 1200 per month without some justification... ex: property values in the area went up.
If everyone around me rents out their apartments on Airbnb for anything between 90-110$ per night.. and I do the same, but ask for 200$ per night...who's business other than mine is that ?
Why would I have to "justify" my price for rent based on property value ? Or at all ? Either someone rents my place, or not. What's it to you ?
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Jan 2014
My saying is "I'd rather be born lucky than smart".

I know lots of poor smart people.. but similar to trump I was just lucky to be born into a not poor family.
Altho unlike trump, I'm actually a nice landlord. I even discuss the matter of raising the rent with a tenant.. "rent is going up. By how much do you think is fair for both of us?" :)
Mr. Teminator,

There is no such thing as luck. Nothing occurs by random chance.

The point is, you could be born poor, but if you choose to stay poor, that is a problem.
Jul 2015
Maryland USA
Mr. Teminator,

There is no such thing as luck. Nothing occurs by random chance.

The point is, you could be born poor, but if you choose to stay poor, that is a problem.
I have heard luck defined as when preparation meets opportunity. It is up to the individual to be prepared and to be able to recognize opportunity.
Jun 2014
United States
Why? Isn't it their property? I mean, I agree, they can't summarily increase it during the tenancy itself, but if the lease is up, on what basis is the landlord equitably beholden to even continue leasing the place?

So people should spend their time, labor and capital on housing that they let other people use but they're self centered unless its at a price that their tenants think is fair, right?

Wrong. They're self-centered if they believe that they, and only they, should receive deferential treatment.

I actually agree with your response to bmanmcfly.


Jul 2014
No, it doesn't. When people are making the decision whether or not to build housing, surely you must realize that they are considering the amount of income/rent they will be able to make from that investment, right? Well, by putting a ceiling on that, people who otherwise would invest and contribute to the supply of housing - won't.


A far better solution would be to give builder's "incentives" to build more affordable housing.