Something fishy about Canada's response to salmon virus

Oct 2011
That farmed salmon is supposed to be bad for you. Its recomended that you eat it only once a month.

Do they still sell wild salmon in stores?

I thought like 95% of it was farmed these days.

"In October, a British Columbia professor sent a chill through Northwest fishery circles. He claimed to have found traces of a potentially devastating virus in two wild sockeye taken from waters in northern British Columbia. The virus – infectious salmon anemia (ISA) – has killed millions of farmed salmon in Europe and Chile. The great fear here in the Northwest is that somehow it will develop in one of the many salmon farms along the B.C. coast and be transmitted to wild salmon."

Something fishy about Canada’s response to salmon virus | Editorials - The News Tribune

Salmon virus raises concerns in U.S., Canada -
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