Sorry, Donovan McNabb, You're Not A Hall-Of-Famer


Future Staff
Jan 2008
Most Insidious
Donovan McNabb is not a Hall of Famer.

He disagrees with me.

McNabb still stumping: 'I am a Hall of Famer'

"Absolutely," McNabb told TMZ Sports. "I'm not hesitating on that. I am a Hall of Famer. My numbers speak for itself. ... My numbers are better than Troy Aikman, but he has Super Bowl rings and he's played with Hall of Famers as well."

And there's your problem, Donovan. Troy Aikman wouldn't be a Hall-of-Famer either, without those three Super Bowl rings. Emmitt Smith and that incredible offensive line put Troy Aikman in the Hall-of-Fame.

Here's the deal, Donovan. With your numbers you either needed to play until you were 40-42 years old and get in the Hall on longevity combined with being very, very good (still not a guarantee) or win a Super Bowl or two. You were a very good quarterback and a joy to watch. You're not a Hall-of-Famer though.

What's that? You still think you are?

Donovan, sit down, listen, not that career passing yards are everything, but you're 600+ yards behind Boomer Esiason, and he's not going in the Hall. You're 800+ behind Dave Krieg and he's not going in the Hall. You're more than 3,500 behind Kerry Collins, and he's not going in the Hall. You're over 7,000 yards behind Drew Bledsoe and nearly 10,000 yards shy of Vinny Testaverde and neither of them are going into the Hall anytime soon.

Give it a rest, Donovan. There's nothing wrong with the very good NFL career you had.
Jan 2016
Yeah. Gotta agree. Terrell Davis wouldn't be in the Hall of Fame, either, if he hadn't helped the Broncos to win back-to-back Super-Bowls, and wasn't the MVP in one of those. Shrug. That's the way it works. He had a career shortened by injury, but it was a stellar career while it lasted, and he was the dominant running back in the NFL while he was healthy. If McNabb had been with a better team...…...
May 2012
By the wall
You can make the Hall of Fame without a Superbowl but you better have some pizzazz about you.

He didn't, he was boring to watch.

Now look at Fran Tarkenton from my team who got in with far less impressive numbers than Mcnabb and never won a Superbowl and do you know why?

Because he stood out as a player.

The Hall of Fame is about much more than just statistics its about those that energized the sport.