Specter Won't Support Bill that extends Healthcare to Illegals

Sep 2007
While on the Appalachian Trail in New Hampshire this week I arrived at a hostel with people that were watching a townhall event that was hosted by Democratic Senator Arlen Specter. One of the interesting questions during the townhall event was whether the healthcare bill should give, I guess, insurance to illegal aliens. Spectar said that he would not support a bill that did this and neither would I. The healthcare bill is about changing the American healthcare care industry for Americans. We are in a great amount of debt and we shouldn't be supporting medical care for those who have not entered this country illegally. I am sure that Democrats can agree with me on this one. Why even risk this bill over an issue that most Americans are strongly against. However, I will admit that I am unsure whether the bill actually gives illegal aliens healthcare or if this issue is even being suggested by the Democrats at the moment.

Jan 2008
Vertiform City
Oh, you'll be hearing about this all right.

This is one of the Big Weapons the 'Pubbies plan on bringing out if needed.

So far it isn't needed.... the "public option" seems to be dead, the White

House itself just said so. Looks like a white flag there....