Spoiler Alert: The MSM Can't be Trusted to provide Objective Reporting.

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any golf fans in the house? You know how the announcers in a golf tournament talk real softly while they cover golfing events? The media did the same thing in the last presidential election to all the candidates , except Trump. They'd cover Trump's entire rallies word for word. But, if it were Bernie, or Hillary, or anyone else, they'd station a journalist in front of the camera doing their golf tournament voice , with the candidate in the background . It's pretty lame.

And they're already at it again with their lame reporting this election season.

Over the weekend MSNBC had the exclusive rights to the 25th Annual Essence awards. But, they didn't cover it live. They did their own reporting on it themselves. Cutting in and providing excerpts where they thought it was relevant. Just today, on CNN they were going on about how Biden is mentioning Obama a lot. For some reason it's a shocker that a Vice President would be friends with the President Obama - and call him Barrack. They covered Kamala Harris doing a standing room only event. Then, I kid you not, they cut to an interview of her answering a question about Biden finally apologizing for his segregationist remarks. This they did at a Kamala Harris live event. Then, as if that weren't enough, they actually reported that Harris and her campaign are moving on. All of this was happening with the headline news banner below stating "Kamala Harris hasn't accepted Biden's Apology. ".

So, for those of you going on and on about "fake news", the rest of us have known this since we were kids. It no big revelation that the media will attempt to sway your opinions if you're not paying attention. That's why it's up to each of us , as responsible consumers of the news, to use our own critical thinking skills and discernment to evaluation what they're reporting on our own. It also means that politicians are the last people we should trust to tell us what "fake news" is. Especially, if that politician happens to be the President of the United States. In fact, the president should be the absolute last person calling the media out as "fake news". She or He, of all people, should have a healthy respect for the free press. I mean, right now Trump is pissed off at Fox News too.

I mean, come on now.

If he even gets pissed off at Fox News what does that tell you about his agenda?
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You might enjoy a new series on Showtime, called "The Loudest Voice", rolling out now. It's a shocking exploration of Fox News.

They ALWAYS intended to be a propaganda channel. One producer quits before they even go on the air, calling the channel "America's Pravda", referring to the official Russian news channel.