Stacey Abrams isn't conceding a GD thing

Jan 2015
Great State of Texas
YOU do not decide what is the "American thing" to do.
YOU are an anonyomous, irrelevant individual with a personal opinion, that's it.
And, apparently my anonymous, irrelevant, individual, personal opinion gets a rise in your blood pressure every time.

Who'd of thunk?
Jan 2014
#54’re: just a catty kid ..attacking someone’s looks is sooo childish.
Hey she could be a bleached blonde wearing orange make up with a fat ass ....oh wait that’s your president . Kidding
Ms. Isalexi,

Sounds like you're the catty one, envious of my creativity, such that you can only respond with banal, grade school insults.
Sep 2013
On a hill

By the way, funny story about provisional ballots. Guy came in yesterday, but he wasn't on the rolls, so we told him he would have to vote provisionally. We gave him a provisional envelope, gave him some ballots, and told him to filling out the envelope, place the ballots inside, and drop it in the box. Well, he dropped the envelope with the ballots in the box then returned to the table and asked "can I vote now?"

Turned out he filled out the envelope, inserted the blank ballots inside, and dropped them in the box. Told him, sorry, no, he has already voted.
Trump supporter, right.