Stanley Cup in Moscow

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Jul 2011
Alexander Ovechkin really did bring the Cup back to Russia, as he promised

I didn't realize, until saw this video from Saturday, this lady and her family went to see it at the World Cup fan zone at Vorobyovy Gory, where there was a whole event with it, and got their pics taken with Ovie

He later took the cop to Red Square, to more delight from locals, and confusion from the Chinese tourists ("Why are all the Russians cheering??? Didn't they just lose to Croatia in the World Cup???" :D)

Good guy, Ovechkin. If there's one thing that takes Russians minds off football, it's hockey haha And that game they really ARE actually good at too ;)

And Ovechkin now matches the legacy of such a titan of Russian hockey as Vyacheslav Fetisov (right, holding up the trophy), who led the first ever group of Russians, from Detroit Red Wings to win the Stanley Cup and bring it to Moscow, back in 1997

Fetisov is now President of Russia's own KHL, and regularly plays on Putin's team of retired old legends in the Night League

Hell of a gig, imagine, playing on a team that CAN'T lose, literally, your opponents are not even allowed to score on you haha

Wonder if this is what Ovechkin's retirement will eventually look like...
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