STARE and HOMELAND SECURITY is suspending all restrictions from Trump's EO

Jul 2015
STATE and HOMELAND SECURITY is suspending all restrictions from Trump's EO

Man, I gotta tell you. It's been decades since I've flown internationally. I don't know who I feel sorry for the most--besides these people who are in Trumps fucking LEGAL LIMBO right now, the airlines or the airport personnel?? It has got to be a major clusterfuck out there. HERE and AT INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS. I can't even fathom the logistics of how this was carried out for the 3 or 4 days.

And imagine airport after airport with LAWYERS showing up sitting in waiting rooms on laptops. Imagine these poor airport personnel who don't have the functional authority to do shit.

Tt's got to have been a big fat fucking mess and likely still is. How many boarded and had to unboard? How many were between destinations and their next 'check' showed they were blocked? Where did they go? Where was their luggage. 3 doctors (that we know of) coming back to the US were trapped. A shitload of students. Language issues. Little kids. OMG!!!

REMEMBER THAT 109 BULLSHIT SPICER THREW OUT THERE? It was thousands here. More thousands around the globe coming to or leaving here or STUCK.

Pick 1, pick all. There are volumes already...

Travel loosens as ban lifted; Trump pledges to fight back

Citizens of seven mainly Muslim countries can resume boarding U.S.-bound flights after a Seattle judge blocked President Trump's travel ban. But the White House plans to challenge the judge's ruling.

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