Stephen Colbert Makes Another Homophobic Trump-Putin Joke

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Jul 2011
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Stephen Colbert Makes Another Homophobic Trump-Putin Joke

Stephen Colbert Makes Another Homophobic Trump-Putin Joke

Late last year, in a column titled “SNL’s Homophobic Trump-Putin Jokes Need to Stop,” our writer Kevin Fallon took on Saturday Night Live’s tired (and offensive) bits insinuating that President Trump is quite literally in bed with Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

“Basically, I think, the joke isn’t a joke at all—at least not one particularly tailored to these two political leaders or with any sort of perspective on the situation,” Fallon wrote. “The baseline idea here is that guys in love is inherently funny. No other observation or ‘take’ needs to exist to elicit a laugh; it’s simply funny because they’re dudes. Dudes in love. Dudes who have sex together. Ha! (?)”

He’s right: There’s nothing funny about the Trump-Putin gay jokes. They’re lazy at best and homophobic at worst.

What say you? Are you ok with leftists making anti trump gay jokes?
Jan 2012
Hahahahahahahaha! I love Colbert! Trump might have a coronary while watching him though. Boy, wouldn't that be sad. Hahahahahahahaha!

Colbert isn't a bigot like Trump.
He’s not a doctor... he just plays one on television.....

He’s not a bigot.... he just plays one on television.....

If you love watched a person pretend to be bigoted on television....doesn’t that make you a bigot?

I mean this isn’t the Colbert Report anymore... he isn’t pretending this persona.... it’s just him now.

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Jul 2011
There are plenty of us on Russian-language forums (and in the real world too) who think Putin is a secret gay and him and Medvedev are a couple, behind closed doors

Those two are always together, they do everything together, they are inseparable, I wrote about it here: Will Putin dump Medvedev?

Not sure if Trump relates into that; but, it is kinda funny, in light of Putin's outward homophobia and all his displays of shirtless machismo over the years...
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