STONE refuses to deny MUELLER has a witness who HEARD HIM talk TO TRUMP about Wikileaks on a SPEAKERPHONE.

Jul 2015
You know folks, it is very very easy to imagine that these guys just got cavalier, loose, UNGUARDED about their communications. NO legal guardrails were ever put in place and let's not forget, ARROGANCE. This seems completely plausible.

I might mention STONE knew ALL ALONG IT WAS ALL ILLEGAL but then this was a man with a tattoo of NIXON on his back.

Roger Stone refuses to deny Mueller has a witness who heard him talking to Trump about WikiLeaks

11 FEB 2019 AT 08:27 ET

Roger Stone and Donald Trump

Jeffrey Toobin’s big New Yorker profile of Trump ally Roger Stone contains a tantalizing nugget about information special counsel Robert Mueller may have about Stone’s conversations with President Donald Trump.

In his interview with Stone, Toobin asks the now-indicted Trump ally to comment on “persistent rumors that Mueller has a witness who says he heard Trump and Stone on a speakerphone discussing WikiLeaks.”

Stone simply replied by saying, “Prove it.”

Stone also told Toobin that “I have no memory of ever talking about WikiLeaks with [Trump].”

Trump and Stone were regularly in contact throughout the 2016 presidential election, when Stone was working to get information about hacked emails that were given to WikiLeaks and that were designed to damage Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

And as Toobin notes, the Stone indictment “speaks of an unnamed person, possibly Trump himself, who ‘directed’ a senior campaign official to tell Stone to find out what was coming from WikiLeaks” during the 2016 presidential campaign.

In the indictment, Mueller alleges that Stone lied to Congressional investigators about his efforts to reach out to WikiLeaks for information about emails that were stolen from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta. Additionally, Mueller claims that Stone sent threatening messages to talk show host Randy Credico that encouraged him to similarly lie to investigators.

Roger Stone refuses to deny Mueller has a witness who heard him talking to Trump about WikiLeaks
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