Stuart Chaifetz, Father, Puts Wire On Son With Autism, Records Verbal Abuse From Teac

Red Eft

Former Staff
May 2007
The aide was fired and the teacher reassigned. Perhaps the school is making sure all the ducks are in a row so they don't get sued when they let her go.


Feb 2010
In my child's schools, if a kid engages in difficult behaviors, the first thing they do is start taking data about the context of the behavior. They have to ask "what happened before the behavior that triggered it?" Teachers have to start writing down what was going on in the moments before the behavior occurred. These teachers were counting on the parents and the school just chalking this up to the child's being a 'bad kid.' There are no bad kids; just immature humans reacting to their experiences in the world. For kids with ASD, it's a lot easier to manipulate the environment than to fundamentally alter the kid's perception of experience.
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