Study: 63% of Non-Citizen Households In 2014 Used Welfare

May 2016
Mr. Stan,

If you accept handouts, you are by definition, a bum. What makes American bums better is that they are Americans. This country should look out for it's own before some foreign bum.
So do you consider the oil and gas industry, and any fortune 500 company that accepts subsides to be bums also?

Rhetorical question.
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Ian Jeffrey

Council Hall
Mar 2013
Vulcan, down the street from Darth Vader
Mr. Jeffrey,

Hell of a response. I'll assume by your grade school "nuh uh," you agree with me but you couldn't bring yourself to say so.
No, you're just wrong ... it does not require much exposition to say so. You are merely making up partisan nonsense.
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May 2013
Boise, ID
Center for Immigration Studies?

LoL - Dismissed :rolleyes:

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) is a non-profit organization and think tank[4] "that favors far lower immigration numbers and produces research to further those views."[5]

Founded in 1985 as a spin-off from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR),[6] the center's self-described mission is to provide immigration policymakers, the academic community, news media, and concerned citizens with reliable information about the social, economic, environmental, security, and fiscal consequences of legal and illegal immigration into the United States.[7] CIS is one of a number of anti-immigration organizations that John Tanton helped found.[6][8][9]

Reports published by CIS have been disputed by scholars on immigration, fact-checkers such as PolitiFact, FactCheck.Org, Washington Post, Snopes, CNN and NBC News, and immigration-research organizations. The organization has been cited by President Donald Trump on Twitter, and used by members of his administration.[10][11][12]

Critics have accused CIS of promoting and having ties to nativists.

Oh - And as for John Tanton? Whadda hoser ...

Apr 2018
Mr. Jeffrey,

Why would anybody care what the Southern Poverty Law Center thinks?

They are a left wing group that labels most Conservative leaning groups as hate groups.

But the bottom line, the study quotes the US Census Bureau verbatim.
I love watching liberals try to squirm around facts in their drone-like support for a welfare state.