Study finds students who ID as Democrat are least tolerant


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Aug 2011
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A survey of Dartmouth's political and free speech climate | The Dartmouth

It's exactly as I thought it was. The most intolerant are those on the Left / Democrats.

82 percent of students who identified as Democrats said they would be less likely to date someone with opposing political beliefs.

55 percent of Democrats said opposite political views would negatively affect their chances of befriending another student. That's just shitty. Politics does not have to be part of a friendship.

We have clearly let politics get too involved in our social interactions and those on the left are the most intolerant and overtaken by their politics.
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Nov 2013
tried to find results from previous such polls.. but it seems this is the first time they did this type of poll.

I can see those results to be reflective of reality.. in the age of Trump.
Identifying as a republican, for MOST folks also means to support Trump. We can see this here on the board clearly.

And there is something more restrictive to engage with a trump supporter, than there is with a or any republican.
Where this becomes interchangeable, the results can be as shown in this poll.