Such a "swell" guy...........

Jun 2013

Facts and truth don't matter to Trump and his trolls....... Thank you for demonstrating.

The wealthiest 1-10% are richer, but are the greedy of those, really "better" or "happier". When one is greedy, for money and women, like Donald Trump, how much is enough?

BTW, is America better having such a cheater as its "leader"??

Should we all start acting like Donald Trump and lie and cheat? Is that what leaders lead their people to do? Is that something Americans should be or would be proud of? Thieves make a lot of money too, does that make them good people? How about when they rob you?

How Trump's environmental record compares to his claims

Factbox: From phone makers to farmers, the toll of Trump's trade wars - Reuters

Small-business sentiment dips on trade ‘uncertainty,’ NFIB says

"The South’s Economy Is Falling Behind: ‘All of a Sudden the Money Stops Flowing’
The South’s Economy Is Falling Behind: ‘All of a Sudden the Money Stops Flowing’

The No. 1 reason you’re still broke even if you received a pay raise last year

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Jun 2013
The #1 reason people are broke is because they make poor life decisions and don't know how to manage what money they do earn.

I feel sorry for how cold hearted or out of touch with reality you are.

When Trump declared bankruptcy 4 times, was that "good" life decisions and good management of money?

Almost a billion dollars in losses was "good management" of money?
Trump: Losses were 'for tax purposes'

Perhaps you think screwing people out of what you owe them is "good money management?

"Donald Trump’s Business Plan Left a Trail of Unpaid Bills"
Donald Trump’s Business Plan Left a Trail of Unpaid Bills

Donald Trump Has a History of Not Paying His Bills. That Offers Some Insights Into His Personality.

USA TODAY exclusive: Hundreds allege Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills

Is there honor among thieves?

Gotta love how Trump trolls hate being screwed and robbed by others all the while they enable and support a man born with a silver spoon in his mouth, taking money out of their pockets and putting it in his own, because he's a fast talking con artist.

Here's the sleazeball con artist in action.

Even after being exposed and made a fool of, he STILL tries to bullshit.......

How dense does someone have to be to NOT see that Trump is a complete con artist whose only care is to self serve?
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