Suddenly Concerned About The Cost Of Prison, Darrell Issa Pleads To Trump For Clemency For Republican Crook Duncan Hunter

May 2019
Backatown, USA
Recently resigned Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter was slapped with a 47-page indictment for using campaign funds to pay for everything from fancy golf clothes to European family vacations to sexual trysts with lobbyists. After more than a year of crying "political witch hunt!" - and winning re-election - Hunter has done an about face and pleaded guilty to conspiracy to steal campaign funds. He faces a possible 5 years in prison.
He hasn't even been sentenced yet, but here's his pal , former Congressman Darrell Issa telling Trump he needs to pardon Hunter because, spending $60,000. a year to keep him in jail is just too expensive.

Could this have anything to do with the fact that Issa is running for Hunter's now-vacant seat?
Hunter and Trump are crooked birds of a feather, and Hunter was the first sitting Congressman to endorse Trump. So my money says Trump will pardon him.

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