Support for donald trump's impeachment is higher than his approval rating, poll indic

Sep 2012
Why bother to impeach the best thing to happen to democrats in ages? As long as he is neutered in the mid-terms why not keep him around to be the poster boy for why you should not vote for republicans? Besides, the tweets he is bound to be putting out if he loses the house will probably be epic.
Kennedy's SCOTUS seat and other federal judge seats...August, September, October can destroy the Fed judicial, and republiCons will push thru anyone he gives them. Imagine what they could do...
Jul 2011
Memphis, Tn.
You don't initiate an impeachment, then look for a high crime or misdemeanor. That needs to be established before you initiate an impeachment.
Nope, you pretty much highly suspect that a crime has been committed. Didn't my post make that clear enough? What you "look for" is solid EVIDENCE of that crime having been committed.


Feb 2010
Will see what he eventually comes up with.
Or maybe not. He'll report to Rosenstein, who will decide what to do with the information. If the Dems don't win back the House, count on this administration simply never to reveal the results of the investigation.
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Jan 2016
Flynn pled to lying to the FBI. Manafort was a short term hire, his indictments have nothing to do with the campaign or Trump. Cohen, who knows.
Yeah, that was just another of Trump's many, MANY lies. Said Manafort worked for him, "for what, 49 days?"

No, Donald, it was for 151 days. For FIVE MONTHS. That is NOT a short-term hire. And he was your FUCKING CAMPAIGN MANAGER, during the most CRUCIAL phase of your campaign!


Oh, and lying to the FBI is a SERIOUS crime. Duh. And Trump tried to get the FBI to BACK OFF from investigating Flynn. That's obstruction of justice, right THERE!
May 2007
Houston, Texas
He was a short term hire. March to August 2016. None of the charges alleged against him have anything to do with that campaign.
Keep telling this goddamn lie if you want to, but it's still a goddamn lie! Do you know what a Campaign Chairman does, right? Hahahahaha!