Supreme Court takes gun rights case the first in over a decade

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
After nearly a decade of silence, the Supreme Court is poised Monday to consider a case concerning the scope of an individual's right to keep and bear arms in a dispute concerning a New York City gun regulation.

The New York City gun law regulates where licensed handgun owners can take a locked and unloaded handgun. When the Supreme Court agreed to take up the case, the law blocked licensed individuals from removing a handgun from the address listed on the license except to travel to nearby authorized small arms ranges or shooting clubs.

Since then, the city allowed licensed owners to take handguns to other locations, including second homes or shooting ranges outside city limits. In addition, the State of New York amended its handgun licensing statute to require localities to allow licensed gun owners to engage in such transport. As a result, New York argues justices should dismiss the case.

Critics of the law say that the only reason New York amended the law was because supporters of gun regulations feared that the Supreme Court's new conservative majority might use the idiosyncratic law to render a broad decision cutting back on gun restrictions.

Jun 2014
United States
I do find it odd that they are taking up a case that has already been resolved to the satisfaction of the plaintiffs.


Oct 2009
People who want to generally preserve gun rights shouldn't hope that we get a 5-4 ruling to the effect of, "Uhh, says here, 'shall not be infringed' so Connecticut can't do anything"

I don't think that will be the outcome, but any right-wing victory over such an event would be fleeting and illusory.

The backlash, especially in an election year, would be so fierce that you'd have a very realistic chance of addressing this once and for all via constitutional amendment.

Given how young voters perceive this issue, I think that is just about inevitable within my lifetime. But the Court putting its hand on the hot stove would hasten things along.