Suspected Murderer Executed without a Trial in Mississippi

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Feb 2015
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To all those bed wetting liberals who think that citizens shouldn't own guns and have them in their homes. Here's the perfect example of why it pays to have one. Rafael McCloud wishes that he had picked a gun hating liberals house to break into but he didn't. There won't be a trial. He won't be in prison. Why not? Because he picked a home where, politically correct or not, they weren't going to be sheep. The wife managed to get a gun and shot him, then the husband shot him a few more times. As a result, Rafael McCloud was carried out in a black body bag and tossed into a van.

Tell me, would the family be better off if they had not had a gun in the home? Should the wife have ran away leaving her family to await law enforcement?

The fugitive, Rafael McCloud, 34, had approached a man in Vicksburg while he was starting his car outside of his home, Vicksburg Police Chief Walter Armstrong told NBC affiliate WLBT.

McCloud ordered the man inside, where he tied him and his wife up, Armstrong said. At one point, McCloud stabbed the man in the shoulder and he got loose.

The man and his wife managed to grab a gun and one of them shot McCloud during the hours-long struggle, Armstrong told The Associated Press.
Mississippi Fugitive Rafael McCloud Fatally Shot After Forcing Way Into Home: Police - NBC News

McCloud held the man, woman and toddler hostage, reportedly stabbing the man and hitting the woman in the head, but the wife was later allowed to leave the bathroom where they were held, returned with a gun and shot McCloud, the Vicksburg Post reports.

The woman then handed the gun to her husband, who fired several more shots at the escaped felon, the newspaper said.

McCloud was found dead in the bathtub with multiple gunshot wounds, including one to the head, authorities said.
Rafael McCloud, escaped Mississippi inmate, shot and killed - NY Daily News
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Southern Dad

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Feb 2015
Shady Dale, Georgia
Your thread title is moronic.
Why? I remember users in this forum accusing Officer Darren Wilson of executing Michael Brown. I remember users of this forum saying the Tamir Rice was executed. Was Rafael McCloud executed? That homeowner didn't ask him politely to surrender. That home owner didn't read Rafael his rights. She busted a cap in him, then handed the gat to her husband who popped a few more into poor McCloud.

What time will is Sharpton's plane landing? Will BLM show up to protest?
Oct 2013
Liberals own guns. Not sure what you are trying to say. Smart people want gun safety regulations to lower the death toll is that what you mean? When has anyone seriously tried to outlaw all guns?
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Jul 2014
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Tell us how homeowners that have a gun are less safe than those that have one. Was this family less safe? Should they have just cooperated? Maybe the mother should have cooked him dinner.
dumb ass contention is that a "fugitive" was "executed without trial". You know full well that asinine contention never happened.

The right to protect one's home has existed for eons. Millennia even before a US or a US Constitution or a 2nd amendment.

The right to own a weapon for home defense was never in serious jeopardy. Never.
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