Suspected white supremacist arrested in thwarted synagogue attack, FBI says

Apr 2014
The liberal commie infested, queer loving north ea
Here is an interesting piece on deradicalization. It seems to be geared to Islamic extremism but should work for white supremacy as well

This is a good one too:

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Having some fire power on hand does not hurt but, may god leave it to the professionals. That is what the Temple in my town does.

But long term we need to find out why these young people are so angry, hateful and alienated that they are so susepable to radicalization
Agree. A lot of todays youngsters are very angry it seems. I was amazed how many warnings our local high school was sending out about watching your kids and going onto various online sites etc. There seemed to be an effort to lure the lonely ones into some sort of "family" built on hate and blaming others. This was almost a decade ago and it seems its still happening.