Sweden Still Doesn't Get It

Jan 2015
Great State of Texas
“Above all, the issue of women’s insecurity must be addressed — and it is acute,” she wrote.

“The fear is largely due to harassment from wandering groups of young men, often new arrivals from parts of the world where women are not expected to move freely.”

Busch Thor added that the municipality youth service had even advised young girls not to go out by themselves, not just at night but also during the day.

“This means that the woman’s human dignity is subordinated to the man’s. She will stay home or be escorted because he cannot handle his impulses. I do not want that, can not and will not accept it. Nor will I be silent about it,” she added.

Swedish Conservative: Mass Migration Adds to Women's Insecurity

Isn't it interesting that our Leftist friends are ONLY interested in Feminist when their concerns further the radical agnenda of the Left.

But, when those concerns do not align with the Left's radical agendas then these feminist are to be silenced.

What could be anymore important of a Feminist concern than the safety of women.

Women who live in fear of being raped if they leave their home alone.

What do we get from out Extremists friends here ......

Radio Silence.

Once again ..... the extremist are exposed for who they are.

The Man

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Jul 2011
Languages are mixed (ABBA won with "Waterloo" back in the 70s and that was in english). I havent actually paid attention to Eurovision singing contest since the 80s (when Sweden only had 3 TV channels so ESC was one of the few things to watch). Back then eurovison songs were usually cringey disposable saccharine music... for instance Sweden won in 1984 with this. and wow its bad. I can't believe this cheesy tack fest won. lol I couldn't even listen to it for more than a minute now.

Perhaps the music has gotten better since? Maybe @The Man knows? I think he actually pays attention to the ESC.
I mostly just follow the politics around it all lol

Kinda liked this one in 2017
Very pretty Armenian girl :) Looks a lot like my mom when she was young, actually, I am not joking :D