Swedish man is not allowed 'offensive' Trump licence plate

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The article says quite plainly that the licensing rules don't allow word combinations related to politics.

Why does the title and comments here repeatedly lie about someone being offended.

I hate being lied to. Most normal people do.

If lying is the goal, at least have the sense to not post the truth in the OP then claim something different happened.

No political word combinations on plates. Got it. Pretty straight forward.

Thread title matches article title. Thats how i usually starts threads. I quickly laughed at it so its not like you should be upset.
Jul 2017
Swedish man is not allowed 'offensive' Trump licence plate

Swedish authorities say a man has been denied a personalised number plate with the letters TRUMP because it would violate motor vehicle department rules, calling the letter combination “offensive”.

The Aftonbladet tabloid, one of Sweden’s largest newspapers, reported that the man had said he “was drunk and thought it would be fun to apply” online for a new licence plate with the US president’s last name “because the car is American”.

The Swedish Transport Agency confirmed its ruling to the Associated Press on Monday, saying it did not approve letter combinations referring to politics. It informed Marcus Saaf, who made the request, that its ruling could not be appealed.

Swedish man is not allowed 'offensive' Trump licence plate


Maybe he's a bridge fan? come on, poor guy. hahahahaa
Probably for his own safety.