T minus 11: Dems struggling to escape obama

Aug 2012
Great article. Of course devout Obamaholes won't want to admit how much their own party is fleeing their faltering messiah Barack to try and save their election chances, but despite their denials...reality is reality.

Clearly the most important opponent for Democrats to beat in the mid-term elections is that dithering incompetent fraud Barack Hussein Obama.


A top Democrat pollster summed up the challenge facing Democrats in the election just over a week away. “I think Obama being so unpopular is the biggest factor in this election,” Tom Jensen, a pollster with the left-leaning firm Public Policy Polling said. “And I think at the end of the day, it may be too much for a lot of the Democratic Senate candidates to overcome.”

The observation was buried in a longer Politico article, but it summarizes perfectly the very strong headwinds Democrat candidates are facing in November. Obama's job approval rating averaged 41% in the last quarter, just 2 points better than George W. Bush before the 2006 midterms. Obama's numbers are most than 20 points lower than Reagan and Clinton and similar junctions in their presidencies. Avoiding a Democrat rout in the election 11 days away would be a history-bending accomplishment.

Jul 2013
Nashville, TN
Lets go ahead and have the election anyway. Is that OK? Maybe you will have an opportunity to come back here on election night and chortle and caper about with your great victory.
Oct 2010
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referring to people as a Obamaholes and the president as messiah in your op pretty much guatantees you a dead thread.
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Aug 2012

I sort of feel the same about RWNJ (Right Wing Nutjob or Wingnut) references but I really don't worry so much about it.

Do you need a tissue?

referring to people as a Obamaholes and the president as messiah in your op pretty much guatantees you a dead thread.
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Sep 2014
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The Rep candidate for Governor in my state is running Obama's "My policies are on the ballot" quote over and over.

Dems can't get enough distance between them and BHO, especially since his narcissism won't let him take the hint.
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Jun 2013
If Obama's unpopularity is the biggest factor in the election as the OP says, then the vote isn't in favor of the GOP/TP, it's anyone but Obama and Democrats are tethered to Obama. It's also about the Senate exposure of Democrats in swing/red states up for reelection. More Democratic seats in jeopardy than GOP/TP seats in jeopardy. In 2016, the opposite will happen in the Senate with GOP/TP senators up for reelection in swing/blue states. These GOP/TP senators might not want to follow a radical GOP/TP agenda should the GOP/TP take control of the Senate. And one would assume that the GOP/TP would cough up its healthcare plan if it votes to repeal the ACA. :cocksure: In the senate, the shoe will be on the other foot in 2016.
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Oct 2009
We've been talking all year about how Republicans are poised to see big gains, and I think they're going to scrape out a majority. Just too many battles for the Dems.

But let's not kid ourselves. A one or MAYBE two-seat Senate majority, while key governors races go the other way, ahead of a high intensity presidential election means very little.

Obama will probably have a harder time getting his appointments through. That's about it.

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