Tactics of the radical left

Oct 2014
OK. I’m not going to waste time on going back and forth with someone who keeps claiming I said something but refuses to use the quote feature

I am putting you on ignore.

Ok, run and hide if you like...

If I made such appalling comments, I would definitively try to avoid having it pointed out.

I gave you the opportunity to revise your comments as needed, doesnt quite make sense why you wouldn't take the chance.
Nov 2016
Nope.Communism just sucks.Always has.Always will.
Well, you need not worry about commies here, because the real menace to our freedom is coming from right wing goons who accuse the left of treason and sedition for opposing der Trumpenfurher, and have even suggested re-education camps and even execution for liberals. We’ve seen that hate speech here on PH and I’ve seen it on other forums.
May 2007
your place
sorry you all about the repetitive posts. There was some sort of server or connectivity issue and it didn’t look like my post was getting saved.

I will post this three times for consistency’s sake