Tactics of the radical left

Apr 2019
Inappropriate Content
Well, you need not worry about commies here, because the real menace to our freedom is coming from right wing goons who accuse the left of treason and sedition for opposing der Trumpenfurher, and have even suggested re-education camps and even execution for liberals. We’ve seen that hate speech here on PH and I’ve seen it on other forums.
Oh STFU, like you progs never say anything of the sort...
Apr 2012
Another one who failed to watch the video.
I do not have to watch a propaganda video to know my bank that is using my money would tell you to take a hike if you told them to close my account.

Your problem is you start out with a video, then go to foolish measures to try and prove your poinr.
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Jul 2013
Nashville, TN
Oh, I checked this out...it's actually a remodeling firm that adds steeply pitched gable roofs, playfully elaborate masonry chimneys (often with chimney pots), embellished doorways, groupings of windows, and decorative half-timbering to double-wides.
That just flew over right wing heads at light speed...
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