Taiwan = China's Crimea?


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But... 20 million people (half the size of Ukraine) vs. 1.4 billion... Yeah, I know where I'll put my money lol
I don't see PRC invading ROC anytime soon.. There really is no reason to because the USA has already ceded the western pacific to China due to trump's withdrawal from the TransPacificPartnership. Soo in a few decades those nations on the western pacific will be economically tied to the PRC rather than the USA.
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North Vietnam sent Chinese troops back to China with their tales between their legs once.
You mean this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sino-Vietnamese_War

Doesn't look like a big victory for Vietnam there...

Don't forget all the island incidents too, where Vietnam also did not come out on top:

And, frankly, Taiwan is not Vietnam, I'm afraid...

Does Taiwan WANT to be part of China?

Like Crimea WANTED to be part of Russia?

That's the big difference.
Not the majority. Many of them like Mainland Chinese less than Western Ukrainians like Russians lol At least, the ones I personally met here in Canada.