Taxpayer Money in San Francisco Goes to Fund Screening of Movie "Why Don’t We Murder More White People?"

Sep 2013
On a hill
Leftist policies ALWAYS lead to Death and Destruction.

But, who would have ever thought that it would get so bad that a city would litierally be drowning in human feces.

San Francisco human feces map shows waste blanketing the California city

And, that's today's Democrat Speaker of the House ......

The same House that's only focus is a Coup d'etat against a duly elected sitting American President.

Any questions about the Democrats being the Enemy of the American people?

Any questions about the American Left being the greatest threat against this Great Nation?
That's right john, San Francisco is dangerous - a conservative "no go zone". Please stay away!

(Why in a story about human feces does FOX show a clean sidewalk with a man unconcious/sleeping? Are they implying that the man is the feces?)