Taxpayers can get around the SALT reduction in the new tax bill

Nov 2013
None of your business

My favorite, make a donation, not a tax payment, so if you owe 20K in property tax, pay 10K in taxes, 10K in donations, the town could credit you for the donation, and you get to deduct the donation from your fed income tax

haritable Gifts
One tactic: Allow residents to make charitable gifts to the state instead of paying income tax.

That would involve legislators encouraging residents to donate to, say, New Jersey (insert quip here), instead of paying income taxes. The self-interested philanthropists who took up the state on the offer would receive a state income-tax credit for the full amount of their gift, which would qualify for a federal deduction.
Who ever said Mulvaney was smart, was fooling themselves.

Now, let's see the feds interfere with this, that ought to be good!