Taya Kyle: Nike, I love your gear, but your Colin Kaepernick ad exhausts my spirit

Jul 2011
So let me get this straight, Boston mayor whining about not drinking sam adams anymore because the ceo supports trump is exercising freedom, but a highly decorated veterans widow speaking out against nike's decicion to make this "I really sacrificed nothing" hump the face of the company is unamerican?

What a wierd world we live in these days.
Jan 2015
Great State of Texas
it boggles the mind that someone would call an actual american hero a sociopath.
I am not sure why that would be mind boggling.

We are in a battle for the very heart and soul of this Country.

On one side you have patriots and the other side you have American haters who want to fundamentally change this Country into some Marxist utopia or outright destroy it's existence.

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