Teacher under investigation for mocking black childs hair

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
A substitute teacher in Canada is being investigated for posting a photo on Instagram that smacks of “anti-black racism,” school officials say.

The post appears to mock a young black student’s hair. It shows a picture of a small child in a classroom next to a picture of a character from the 1996 movie “Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood.” The character is brandishing a gun.

The post’s caption reads, “Who rocked it better? LOLOLOL.”

The Peel District School Board in Ontario said school officials became aware of the post after a concerned member of the community tweeted about it on Saturday. “We were made aware of an inappropriate Instagram post made by one of our staff members when it was sent to the Peel District School Board Twitter account yesterday,” district spokeswoman Carla Pereira said in a statement. “As the post shared is considered anti-black racism, we became concerned as this behavior is simply unacceptable.”

The teacher could face discipline ranging from a verbal reprimand to sensitivity training or even termination, according to Toronto City News.

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Council Hall
May 2014
What an ignoramus. Mocking a child's appearance, publicizing that mocking, AND posting a pic of the child on social media. She should maybe reconsider her career choice.
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Mar 2010
Substitute teachers are a far cry from full-time teachers. A dime a dozen. Will probably just not get used again.
Nov 2015
Nope. I'd say the same thing whatever the child's race.
What about Trump's, or does age make a difference? Or does it matter who the person is? The left on here deem Trump/Orange/Orangutans as fun but Jarrett/Black/Ape racist. Can you see how racism has been defined by the left? You have to ask their advice, the goal posts are not static on the subject.