TeaCon 2011: Breitbart on Garafalo, Pelosi and Trumka

Jun 2011
Classy, very classy.

Andrew Breitbart was one of the kick-off speakers for Chicago's TeaCon 2011 in Schaumburg, IL, last night. And he had choice things to say about three individuals: Garafalo, Trumka and Pelosi.

From HuffPo:

"Breitbart told the crowd that the word around Los Angeles--where he lives--is that Garofalo is "Hollywood's sympathy fuck." The crowd erupts in laughter."


"Breitbart went on to call Nancy Pelosi a "bitch," according to Mediaite..."


"...and then slammed the unions for being critical of the Tea Party movement."The unions, the Trumkas, the Hoffas...Fuck you," Breitbart said to roaring applause..."


WOW. I supposed the "Concerned Women for America" will want to decry this type of profanity like they did here, right...

"Breitbart's speech came after Gawker released a story about TeaCon organizer and Chicago Tea Party leader Steve Stevlic, who was reportedly arrested for soliciting a prostitute in June of 2010. Stevlic told Palatine Patch in a statement that the charges were dropped and that his family had "dealt with this matter."
Police officials, however, have not confirmed that the charges were dropped."


Free country. Free speech.

And look at what a potty mouth Breitbart has. Never ever again do I want to hear a conservative complain about the mouths of liberals, for I will simply shove Breitbart down that conservative's throat. The man tells the Union head of the USA to fuck off, he calls the former speaker of the House of Representatives a bitch and he calls a stand-up comedian a "sympathy fuck" and tells her to go to hell.

And the Tea Partiers just loved it. They ate it all up.

Classy. Really classy. (/sarc)

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Fuck him with a spoon covered in honey and fire ants.

BTW, is anyone else's gaydar going off?
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