Ten Reasons Why Bernie Sanders Must Be Stopped

Dec 2015
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Ten Reasons Why Bernie Sanders Must Be Stopped

By Roy Delfino


"Anyone who has read my articles knows I’m just sick of Bernie. This isn’t because of policy disagreements, or lingering bitterness from the primary. I just think he’s a thoroughly awful man. He has shown his deceitful, selfish and vindictive nature time and time again. I am stunned by how frequently I still hear people call Bernie “honest” or “authentic.” When I mention my arguments against Bernie to these people, I find they are often unfamiliar with the reality of the man and have this mental image of him as a stubbornly-principled saint."
"We do not have time for this fantasy. Bernie Sanders was a tremendously destructive force in American politics in 2016, continues to inflict damage on the Democratic Party, and has already begun making moves for a 2020 run. It is time for the public to have an open-eyed examination of the man’s character, history, record and public statements."
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Soooooo...any reasons worth sharing or do I have to click on the link? Ph gets all the weak content clicks I have to give
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Bernie could step back and become a kingmaker IF ONLY Hillary would GO AWAY. As long as she remains a threat, it is necessary to continue to regard Bernie as the likely Democratic candidate for 2020.

Which is not about these two people, but it is about the hearts and minds of Democrats.

So.....to get what you claim to want, step into that old corporate whore once and for all.
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