terrorists and radicals



So, Busie says we "shouldn't talk to terroists and radicals".

Note the subtle use of the word "radicals".... :D

What do you think he means? Liberals? (gasp)?

This is too funny, ain't it? :D

It's like, okay, Bushie's the Decider (not) so he gets to decide who's a radical (not), and so he thinks he has the moral authority to decide on everyone else's behalf who they "should" and "shouldn't" talk to!

HELLO, birdbrain!.... er.... Bush..... remember that little thing called the First Amendment? That specifically protects political speech? Wll, do the math on this one - "don't talk" to radicals, means, don't llisten[/B to them - that's what Bushie's really telling ou!

It's the same old same old - mcCarthy in another suit, only this time, his name is Bush, and instead of going after communists, he's got a different kind of radical in mind!

YOu know, it's almost enough to make me want to grow long hair and start wearing tie-dyed t-shirts! :)


Bush is a terrorist and a radical, so don't listen to him. I've been doing that anyway though, of course.