Test of steel prototype for border wall showed it could be sawed through.

Nov 2015
Steel and concrete can be cut with saws. Prison fencing can get cut with bolt croppers. My back fence can be cut with a hand saw.

The idea of a barrier is to slow the perpetrator down and as a deterrent. The noise from cutting can attract patrols. Even vaults have been broken into but it still doesn't stop the banks from not trying to keep the valuables safe.

Why have small home safe, they can be cut open with a Stihl saw. Oh, hang on, I think the noise will wake the household.
Oct 2014
like the terrorist from your country.? A wall is not going to stop drugs or prostitution. In fact , the drug cartel is likely to be the ones to breath the wall.
So, you admit that they are attempting to invade your country.

Your allegiance seems to be in favor of the invaders... why is that?
Feb 2010
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you know that saying "a picture is worth a thousand words".

Steel prototype for border wall cut through with saw, photo shows

Any questions?
Interesting new requirement. Any additional barriers should be built with materials that are "unbreachable"?

Whether one supports Trump's plans for expansion or not, that is going to be a tall order for any border security.

What are we going to do with all the existing fences/walls that are currently in place?? Pretty sure any material can be cut with right tools. (how else could they create the product in the first place?)

But the discussion is still fun. Carry on.



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Feb 2007
Trump, your wall is not made of diamonds you idiot!!!

People can cut through it.

How do we deal with all those immigrants who bring acetylene torches to the border!!!
And cut it under safe testing conditions (like in the photo).
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