Texas Democrats’ Reckless Call to Decriminalize Illegal Border Crossings

Dec 2014
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Simply crazy.

Texas Democrats’ Reckless Call to Decriminalize Illegal Border Crossings​


The Texas DPS, which includes among its divisions one of the most storied state law-enforcement agencies in America, the Texas Rangers, collected data on all of the illegal aliens booked into Texas jails between June 1, 2011, and July 31, 2018 — more than 175,000.

Those illegal aliens have been charged with 273,000 criminal offenses. That includes arrests for:

  • 505 homicides;
  • 30,408 assaults;
  • 3,212 sexual assaults;
  • 2,022 sexual offenses;
  • 365 kidnappings;
  • 5,396 burglaries;
  • 1,569 robberies;
  • 34,555 drug charges;
  • 15,100 thefts;
  • 2,754 weapons charges; and
  • 22,213 obstructing-police charges

Many of these charges are still pending, but these arrests have already resulted in more than 112,000 convictions, including 225 murder convictions, 12,540 assault convictions, 152 kidnapping convictions, 1,567 sexual-assault convictions, and 1,076 sexual-offense convictions.

The number of crimes committed in Texas by illegal aliens may actually be higher. In total, more than 261,000 aliens were arrested in Texas from 2011 to 2018, of which more than 175,000 were immediately identified as being in the U.S. illegally. However, according to the Texas DPS report, these crime numbers only include aliens who “previously had an encounter” with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) “that resulted in their fingerprints being entered into” the department’s “IDENT” database. Aliens who get into the country successfully without being detected by DHS, but who are later arrested by Texas law enforcement for violating a state law, aren’t in the DHS system and “do not appear in these [Texas] counts.” Yikes.


Texas Democrats’ Illegal Border Crossing Decriminalization Plan & Department of Public Safety Crime Report | National Review
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Jul 2014
The call the "Abolish ICE" may work in a few places.

Probably not in Texas.

Or most of the rest of the country.

But, some idiot politicians have said exactly that.

Andrew Cuomo recently called ICE a "bunch of thugs".

What a moroon...